About us

The International Institute of Costs (IIC) is an international organization made up of Associations and other national Institutions of managers, teachers and professionals, whose objective is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of economic-financial management and direction of companies and public bodies , through the incentivation of research, especially in the determination, analysis and prediction of costs and the dissemination and exchange of ideas and experiences among its members through its IIC Magazine, IIC Documents, Expert Commissions, Research Networks, etc.

Currently, entities from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay y Venezuela, are part of the IIC.

The IIC collaborates with the associations and universities that comprise it, fostering research, teaching and professional application of costs, seeking international funding for projects and activities related to the objectives of the Institute, understood in the broadest sense of the formulation, implementation and control of the strategic process of the company. It also deals with the promotion and organization of international plans for continuing education, guaranteeing the quality of the teaching of costs and the degrees in Accounting for Management, as well as the analysis of the methodological adequacy of its corresponding software.

Since 1987 he coordinates and promotes meetings, seminars and international congresses on costs and economic-financial management of companies and public bodies.

To meet the objective of disclosure of cost investigations, currently, it presents three areas of action:

  • Electronic publication of the papers presented at the congresses organized by our institution.
  • Electronic journal (IIC Magazine), initiated in 2007, every six months and of absolute availability for members.
  • IIC Documents, prepared by Groups of Works that make up the Commissions, by areas or specialties, created for this purpose in the Institution. These are case studies on current issues related to costs or related matters. They are incorporated into the Web once presented in the corresponding Congress.

Likewise, as another form of promotion of our research, “Research Networks” has been initiated in several areas related to the economic-financial management of companies and public bodies, in general, and especially on costs, such as Universities, Local Administration-Municipalities and Collective Urban Transport Companies. The extension of the same will be at the proposal of a minimum set of researchers or professionals.

Finally, it organizes and maintains other forums and meetings, supporting or accompanying the meetings held by its associates, collaborators and other public or private institutions, with which collaboration agreements are maintained especially dedicated to environmental costs, Public Sector services, others from the Private Sector, valuation of intangibles, effects of globalization and alternative financing costs, etc.