Common Values

  1. FOUNDING ENTITY: the IIC is an Institution that supports Associated Associations in their founding and development processes.
  2. ACADEMIC LEVEL: the contribution of works throughout the sixteen international congresses held, plus those related to the MERCOSUR Congresses of Costs and LATIN AMERICAN Conferences of Costs, constitute an unavoidable academic contribution.
  3. TRAJECTORY: the history, trajectory and background of the IIC, with are a sum of values throughout its thirty-two years of institutional life.
  4. CAMARADERÍA: the spirit of camaraderie is a distinctive element among the members of the IIC. It is perceived at both the institutional and individual levels.
  5. THE INTERCOST NETWORK: this network, since its creation, is a registered trademark of the IIC. It encourages work between institutions in different countries.
  6. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: it is given within the framework of its events, publications, training and communications.