Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences – University of Seville

Faculty of Tourism and Finance – University of Seville

Sevilla, Spain


  • Cost management in the face of technological disruption and new social and environmental behaviors.
  • Labor factor costs in the digital age.
  • Reconfiguration of business models: redesign of processes, activities, value propositions and their differentials.
  • Sizing of the activity, idle capacity. Fixed cost flexibility
  • Changes in the cost structure as a consequence of crisis and uncertainty environments.
  • Costs of generating creative knowledge in organizations.
  • Cost management in digital platforms.
  • Costs in public administration
  • Mesoeconomic cost analysis.
  • Costs in sustainable development. Non-financial information indicators.
  • Management of logistics costs.
  • New challenges in teaching costs.
  • Costs for decision-making.
  • Cost management, both traditional and new job profiles.
  • Costing systems and methods.
  • Regional economic activities costs.
  • Costs and management of energy resources.
  • Costs in the third sector.
  • New developments in costs. Proposals for new theoretical, methodological or empirical approaches that are not contemplated in the previous topics.

Bimodal – Online and Face-to-face (Face-to-face mode is subject to changes in scenery due to the COVID 19 pandemic)

Contact email – catedrars@us.es

Presentation of Work Intentions: April 30, 2021.

Presentation of final version of works: June 30, 2021.

Closes communication of acceptance: 30 July 2021.