The International Institute of Costs (IIC) presents its Cycle of free Webinars open to the entire academic and professional community linked to our specialty: costs and organizational management. It is a program of conferences dictated by recognized professionals worldwide, which will be held on the last Friday of each month.We will have the following exhibitors participating in the coming months:

  • May 29th: Prof. Julio César Marchione (IAPUCO – Argentina)
  • June 26th: Prof. Daniel Carrasco Díaz (ASEPUC – Spain)
  • July 31st: Prof. Andrés Callado (ABC – Brazil)
  • August 28th: Prof. Flavia Fernandez (AURCO – Uruguay)
  • September 25th: Prof. José Antonio Tello (IChC – Chile)


  • 2 pm: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay
  • 1 pm: Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela
  • 12 noon: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru
  • 7 pm: Spain, France and Portugal